The Start

Glen Brown is passionate about western music! He remembers being younger than 6 years old and helping his father, Earl (a muscian for 72 years), with his band. He also fondly recalls the many family dances he attended as a kid, watching parents teach their children how to dance and the strong family bonds he witnessed as a result.

Glen decided in his mid-teens, to start learning how to play the guitar. Then one day, Earl asked Glen is he could step in as one of his base guitar players who could not make the gig they had been hired for in Cold Lake, Alberta. Glen, although nervous, jumped at the chance and did a great job too. That was the start to a long career entertaining the crowds!

The Inspiration

Glen is inspired by such artists as Ray Price, Tony Booth, Johnny Bush. His first CD is greatly influenced by West Texas country music.

George Jones said the key to his success was staying true to his music. Glen’s heart, remains true to a good country shuffle. He has been tempted at times to take his music to a more modern level, but he knows that he needs to be true to himself, his heart and his passion. There seems to be no lack of followers!

The Music

His music has been heard in several dance halls throughout western Canada, Norway, Costa Rica, Cuba and he even played at Luckenbach, Texas on the same stage where such greats as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ray Price and Tony Booth have played.

Every where Glen has played, he has only received rave reviews, loads of applause, and even standing ovations!

The Bands

Glen has a real talent to put together a strong team of accomplished musicians. The bands Glen puts together are professionals who share the same passion about their music. His band members have played with Ian Tyson, Gord Bamford, and George Fox, to mention a few.

Glen has put together and played in different bands over the years, including Tiger Rose, Crismon Tea Bag, Culpepper Cattle Company, and Swing Kings.

Glen's latest band is called "Spur Crazy", comprised of amazingly talented and accomplished muscians. They have been entertaining crowds in numerous venues for the past years.


Glen is very down to earth with a high level of integrity and progressionalism. He checks his ego at the door and only wants to entertain the audience.

Glen is married to the beautiful Dianna and presently resides in the City of Airdrie, Alberta. Glen is a true family man who has such pride of his 3 children and so enjoys time with his grandchildren.

Even though Glen is passionate about his music, he is a man with many and varied interests, including dog retrieving & hunting, and compost & gardening. He always has a smile on his face, is ready to help out in a moment's notice, and usually has a good joke in his back pocket to share a laugh!

Glen will bring a smile to your face and have you tapping your foot or wanting to two-step. He shares his love of country music with all those who will listen!

Glen Brown












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